Killing zombies in high school English class

You are in the middle of the Magic Kingdom when the zombie outbreak occurs. While there is mass confusion, you are able to listen in on Disney World employees via the walkie-talkie and think you hear the following:

  • Space Mountain, the famous ride in Tomorrowland, is a secure and safe place, as several employees and Disney World guests have driven out the zombies and barricaded themselves within. There isn’t much in the way of weapons or food but clearly it is an immediate safe haven.
  • The “underground” (Disney World’s vast system of employee-only tunnels) has been secure the whole time and Disney World security is clearly in charge and it is unsure if you were able to find the entrance to the Disney underground that security would let you in.
  • The Disney Contemporary Resort , which is located on an island in the middle of a lake, is secure as well, and a monorail pilot named Scott as well as several of his fellow pilots and some guests have managed to secure a monorail train that they are using to shuttle any survivors they can find back and forth from the Magic Kingdom to the Resort. There is plenty of food and the hotel is not at capacity so you may be able to survive for a little while; however, the monorail station is at the front gate and that has been overrun by both zombies and panicked guests trying to make a run for it.
  • Aside from this, your car is in the parking lot and you have enough gas to get off the resort and onto the interstate.

Now, I normally don’t cross-post from my other blog, especially since my other blog is about teaching high school English and often has very little to do with pop culture.  But this time around I really like what I wrote about … and I am quite behind on the entry I was going to write for this week.

Anyway, over on “Red Lines and Highlights,” I wrote about how I used Max Brooks’ The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z in English class.  My students read selections from the book and then participated in a cool role playing game-type project where they were given different survival scenarios and had to write the story of how they survived the zombie war.

You can check it out here:  “From the Bookshelf: World War Z”


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