Taking Flight, Episode 1 (My Life as a Teen Titan, Part Thirty)

So we are at the point where Dick Grayson is, after nearly three decades of being a Titan, is about to leave the team.  To “honor” this in a manner of speaking, I have decided to present the next several portions of “My Life as a Teen Titan” to a podcast.  Called “Taking Flight,” it is a miniseries that explores the characters of Robin and Nightwing through this era of the Titans, and will wrap up with the post-Zero Hour story, “Prodigal.”

The first episode focuses on Robin’s origin as told in Detective Comics #38, Robin Annual #4, and Robin: Year One.  You can download it on iTunes (search for “Taking Flight”), get it from takingflight.podomatic.com, or listen here:

Taking Flight Episode 1

There will be another episode next week, and I’ll probably find some really important stuff as far as scans go, but here are the covers to the two issues and the Robin: Year One trade …

Next Up:  Some Robin stories from the 1960s and 1970s as well as the beginning of his career with the New Teen Titans.


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