Taking Flight, Episode 7 (My Life as a Teen Titan, Part Thirty-Six)

The sixth episode of “Taking Flight” looks at the The seventh episode of “Taking Flight” takes a look at Jason Todd, both pre- and post-Crisis. We start with New Teen Titans (1984) #18-21 and then head over to Batman #408-411 and #416 to see his post-Crisis origin and his first meeting with Nightwing.

Get it from, iTunes, takingflight.podomatic.com or listen here: Taking Flight, Episode 7

The ad telling readers what numbers to call to kill or save Jason Todd.

Jason is revealed to be dead, in Batman #428. Pencils: Jim Aparo. Inks: Mike DeCarlo

The alternate take on the death moment from Batman #428 as reprinted in Batman Annual 25.

Dick confronts Bruce about Jason. It doesn’t go well. From New Titans #55. Script: Marv Wolfman, Art: George Perez and Romeo Tanghal.

The cover to the original version of the trade for “A Death in the Family.” I own the fifth printing and on the cover of mine the title is printed in orange.

The back cover of the trade for A Death in the Family. The covers to all four issues — Batman #426-429 — are featured.


Next Up:  A look at the aftermath of A Death in the Family as well as the origin of the Teen Titans.


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