Taking Flight, Episode 14 (My Life as a Teen Titan, Part Forty-Four)

This is it! The moment that, back in 1990, Bat-fans were waiting for! Tim Drake becomes Robin! The fourteenth episode of “Taking Flight” takes a look at the “Identity Crisis” storyline from Batman #455-457 wherein someone is causing the citizens of Gotham to murder people and Tim has to save Batman from the villain, finally proving that he has what it takes to be the latest boy wonder.

You can check out the episode at takingflight.podomatic.com or listen here: “Taking Flight — Episode 14″

Also, pretty soon, Taking Flight will be located at The Batman Universe, a website devoted to all things Dark Knight.  You can check them out at thebatmanuniverse.net.

Below are the covers for these issues as well as the Robin costume schematic from the Robin: A Hero Reborn trade paperback.

Batman 455

Batman 456


Robin Costume Schematic


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