Introducing … Pop Culture Affidavit: THE PODCAST!!!

It’s the very first episode of the Pop Culture Affidavit podcast!  Each month, I’m going to be offering a “deluxe-sized” version of my blog posts … mainly stuff that I have really wanted to talk about but that I consider “special” enough to warrant about an hour’s worth of time in an audio format.

This first episode is all about the summer of 2012, including movies, comics, and my trip to the Baltimore Comic-Con.

You can listen here:

iTunes:  Pop Culture Affidavit

Direct Download 

Pop Culture Affidavit podcast page

Below are the pictures I took at Baltimore Comic-Con, including people I saw as well as comics and TPBs I had signed.

The line to get into the Baltimore Comic-Con. It moved quickly, which was a pleasant surprise.

“Doom says that this line is too long! Doom shall not wait in line with Loki! Doom shall cut the line!”


I do love anyone with the thought of attending a con as Darkseid.


The new Captain Marvel. A GREAT costume.

I took this because I never expected anyone to actually dress up as Krang.


I don’t know what’s more awesome–the Scout Trooper uniform or the photobomb.


These were a few of the only people who were dressed as Teen Titans, and being a Titans fan myself, I had to snap a photo.


Well, we’ve reached our douche quotient for the con. Love the jacket, though.


Cap and the Winter Soldier. The shield was nicely made, as were the costumes.


Snapped this picture of Wonder Girl just as I was leaving.


The three-volume Encyclopedia of Super-Heroes (Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman) that I nabbed for $5 each.


The three New Titans comics signed by Louise Simonson, who seemed genuinely surprised that I’d brought them.


TPBs for Panic in the Sky, Death of Superman, and World Without a Superman signed by Bob McLeod, Roger Stern, and Louise Simonson

New Titans #50, signed by inker Bob McLeod


Larry Hama signed my copies of G.I. Joe #55, #61 and his profile from “Leaping Tall Buildings.”


Uncanny X-Men/New Teen Titans signed by Walt Simonson as well as a profile from “Leaping Tall Buildings.”


Paul Levitz signed my copy of “The Great Darkness Saga” as well as his “Leaping Tall Buildings” profile.


Kevin Maguire was kinde enough to sign several books as well as two Who’s Who pages. He commented that yes, I probably am the only Team Titans fan out there.


Wonder Woman #1, signed by Cliff Chiang.


Mark Waid signed a few Flash issues as well as the Catwoman Who’s Who profile, which he wrote.

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