Origin Story: Episode 2



Thirty years ago, I began collecting comics for the first time. Now, I’m taking you back to those days with “Origin Story,” a comics podcasting miniseries where I will look at all of the comics I bought in 1986-1987 in “real time.”

For episode two, it’s time to dive into one of my favorite series of that era, which is G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #55, “Unmaskings.” I give a summary and review of the issue as well as take a look back at some mid-1980s television in my second segment.

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And for a bonus, here are some extras …

My copy of G.I. Joe #55, signed by Larry Hama and Mike Zeck:


The 20/20 Marvel 25th Anniversary segment mentioned in Jim Shooter’s column:

A promo for A Current Affair:

Part of an episode of A Current Affair:

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