In Country: Marvel Comics’ “The ‘Nam” — Episode 97

IC 97 Website Cover.jpgThree episodes and a wake-up are left!

This time around, I look at The ‘Nam #83, the final issue of Wayne Vansant’s longtime run as artist and the last part of our look at Ed Marks’ time working with Bulldog and Dai-Uy in Vietnam.  I also take a look at historical context for the end of the war, describing what happens throughout all of 1974 before looking at the events of January-April 1975, with a special focus on the fall of Saigon on April 29 and 30, 1975.

You can download the episode via Apple Podcasts or listen directly at the Two True Freaks website

In Country iTunes feed

In Country Episode 97 direct link

Some extras for you.  A YouTube video featuring NBC News’ reporting of the fall of Saigon …

A scan of my copy of The ‘Nam #83, which is signed by Wayne Vansant …

Nam 83 signed cover

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