Iron Man

Origin Story Episode 24

Origin Story Episode 24 Website CoverWe know who’s behind Cobra Commander’s armor, but do the Baroness and Serpentor? One of them is going to find out in G.I. Joe #64. Then, we’re going to find out what’s going in the entire Marvel Universe (and the New Universe) in Marvel Age #55.

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And as promised, here are some scans from the interior of Marvel Age #55 …

The cover story, about Iron Man.

Marvel Age 55 Scans0001Marvel Age 55 Scans0002Marvel Age 55 Scans0003Marvel Age 55 Scans0004

The Warriors Three story featuring Charles Vess artwork.

Marvel Age 55 Scans0005Marvel Age 55 Scans0006Marvel Age 55 Scans0007

The New Talent Department with some gorgeous Black Widow panels.

Marvel Age 55 Scans0008Marvel Age 55 Scans0009Marvel Age 55 Scans0011

The Hulk house ad with art by Todd McFarlane.

Marvel Age 55 Scans0012

The calendar from the back cover.