Waiting Place

Pop Culture Affidavit, Episode 49: The Waiting Place

Episode 49 Website CoverIn 1997, Sean McKeever self-published his very first work, The Waiting Place, a story about the ennui that comes with being a young adult trapped in a town that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. It was soon picked up by Slave Labor Graphics and McKeever along with Brendon and Brian Fraim and then Mike Norton finished the entire saga of the town of Northern Plains and its denizens in three volumes plus an epilogue.

I spend this episode taking a complete look at The Waiting Place, which has been one of my favorite comics coming-of-age stories since I bought the volume one trade in 2001. This includes a full synopsis as well as a review.

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If you’re interested in buying a copy of The Waiting Place, it’s available at Amazon.com.  Here’s the link

As a bonus, here are the covers to all three trades put out by Slave Labor Graphics as well as the IDW “Definitive Edition”:

Waiting Place Book One

Waiting Place Cover

Waiting Place Book Three

Waiting Place Definitive

In case you’re curious as to what music I used in this episode, here are some YouTube clips:

Tori Amos, “Pretty Good Year”

Nine Inch Nails, “Something I Can Never Have”

R.E.M., “You Are The Everything”

The Sundays, “Here’s Where the Story Ends”

Roxy Music, “More Than This”