In Country: Marvel Comics’ “The ‘Nam,” Episode 1

Nam 1Introducing a brand-new podcast about “The ‘Nam,” Marvel Comics’ Vietnam War comic book that ran from 1986-1993. Over the course of the next 100 episodes, I will cover every single issue of the series as well as some unpublished stories and other pop culture featuring the Vietnam War.

This episode features issue #1 of “The ‘Nam,” where Doug Murray and Michael Golden introduce us to Ed Marks, a newly drafted G.I. who is about to start serving in the Vietnam War in 1966. I’ll take you through the issue’s events, give my opinion/critique and will also provide some historical and cultural context for the month when the story takes place (in this case, February 1966). I’ll also cover the issue’s lettercolumn as well as ads. So join me as I take my first step into … The ‘Nam.

You can download the episode via iTunes or listen directly at the Two True Freaks website

In Country iTunes feed

In Country Episode 1 direct link

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