Pop Culture Affidavit Presents: 80 Years of DC Comics Episode 11 — Science-Fiction

80 Years Episode 11 Website LogoIf there’s one genre that DC is known for as much as its superheroes, it’s science fiction. A staple of the company since it’s very early days, it has spawned thousands of stories, and in this episode I take a look at 80 years of DC Comics’ science fiction. What’s covered, you ask? Don Drake on the Planet Soro, Tommy Tomorrow in “Columbus of Space,” Adam Strange in “War on Earth and Rann,” a story called “Killing Time” from Mystery in Space, Hex #11, and the Warren Ellis/Colleen Doran graphic novel Orbiter. Plus, interludes from Real Fact Comics that show us all what a wonderful future the Golden Age had in store for us!

Here’s where to listen:

iTunes: Two True Freaks Presents Pop Culture Affidavit

Direct Download

Two True Freaks Presents: Pop Culture Affidavit podcast page

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