In Country: Marvel Comics’ “The ‘Nam” — Episode 63

IC 63 Cover“Whipping Post” is the title of The ‘Nam #56 and part three of “The Death of Joe Hallen.” Here we see Joe and his new unit take on a very secret, possibly sketchy mission into enemy territory that involves a connection to the Chinese and the CIA. It’s brought to you by Chuck Dixon, Wayne Vansant, and Tony DeZuniga.

Also in this episode is the return of the history portion of the show, as I cover November 1969.

You can download the episode via iTunes or listen directly at the Two True Freaks website

Two True Freaks Presents: In Country iTunes feed

In Country Episode 63 direct link

Some extras:  Here’s the cover to issue 56 …


And here is the excerpt from Nixon’s “Silent Majority” speech that was featured in the episode …

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