Up, Up, and Away!

While I was preparing my latest installment of “Comics Prehistory,” I realized that my next installment, “Superman: The Secret Years” was a series I wrote about way back in the early days of this blog. In fact, I wrote this entry back on April 17, 2010, a little more than SIX YEARS AGO.

So, enjoy this flashback re-post and I’ll be back in a week or two with the next Comics Prehistory book, Transformers #5.

Pop Culture Affidavit

I honestly don’t remember when I bought my first comic book or what that comic was.  I have vague memories of perusing the magazine rack at Greaves stationary in my hometown and coming home with an issue of The Amazing Spider-Man or Superman.  At some point, I know that I got an issue of the Batman team-up title The Brave and the Bold sometime in the very early 1980s, so that might have been it.  But Superman: The Secret Years #2 was the very first comic book that I remember buying at an actual comic book store.

Amazing Comics, which is on Gillette Avenue in Sayville, NY, opened in the fall of 1984 next to an iron-on T-shirt store named The Special-T, which is where my friends and I procured most of our wardrobe.  I am sure that I was at the Special-T buying a birthday present for…

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