In Country: Marvel Comics’ “The ‘Nam” — Episode 77

IC 77 Website Cover.jpgChuck Dixon, Kevin Kobasic, and Jimmy Palmiotti take us through the second part of a three-part Punisher storyline with “The Walking Dead.”  Frank has made his way back to his firebase and has uncovered the nefarious deeds of his C.O.  Will he confront him or will he perish in a firefight before he can dole out … PUNISHMENT?!  Oh, stop laughing.  Anyway, I cover the issue and give a very brief review (I’m saving it for the finale, I guess), cover letters and ads, and take a look at the rest of 1971.

You can download the episode via iTunes or listen directly at the Two True Freaks website

In Country iTunes feed

In Country Episode 77 direct link

As an added bonus, here is a scan of my copy of The ‘Nam #68, which is signed by Jimmy Palmiotti.

Nam 68 Signed Cover.jpg

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