Pop Culture Affidavit Episode 114: Unsolved Mysteries of the Unknown

It’s Halloween and that means it’s time for me to actually get seasonal … for once.  I’m here and talking about some oddities of entertainment from the late 1980s and early 1990s.  First up is Time-Life Books’ best-selling series Mysteries of the Unknown, whose commercials were some of the creepies of the time.  Then, I move into the area of true crime (among other subjects) by looking at a classic Robert Stack-era episode of Unsolved Mysteries.  Plus: listener feedback!

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After the break, here’s some extras for you, including four of the classic Mysteries of the Unknown commercial …

To start, here is a picture of the adult reading room of the Sayville Public Library, circa 1979. The stacks I talk about were on the perimeter, upstairs and downstairs.

Oh, and while this is a picture of the children’s section of said library, it does feature some lovely orange carpeting. Talk about comfort decor.

By the way, these pictures were taken from the Sayville Public Library’s official website and you can read about the history of the library (with more pictures) here: Sayville Public Library History.

Next up is the Atlas Obscura article I mentioned several times, “The 1980s Book Series that Literally Claimed it had to be Read to be Believed”

And here is a rundown of all 33 of Time-Life’s Mysteries of the Unknown titles (some of which can still be found in libraries, used bookstores, or on eBay and Amazon):

The 33-Volume Mysteries of the Unknown series.
Picture taken from Pinterest.
  • Alien Encounters
  • Ancient Wisdom and Secret Sects
  • Cosmic Connections
  • Cosmic Duality
  • Dreams and Dreaming
  • Earth Energies
  • Eastern Mysteries
  • Hauntings
  • Magical Arts
  • Master Index and Illustrated Symbols
  • Mind Over Matter
  • Mysterious Creatures
  • Mysterious Lands and Peoples
  • Mystic Places
  • Mystic Quests
  • Phantom Encounters
  • Powers of Healing
  • Psychic Powers
  • Psychic Voyages
  • Search for Immortality
  • Search for the Soul
  • Secrets of the Alchemists
  • Spirit Summonings
  • The Mind and Beyond
  • The Mysterious World
  • The Mystical Year
  • The Psychics
  • The UFO Phenomenon
  • Time and Space
  • Transformations
  • Utopian Visions
  • Visions and Prophecies
  • Witches and Witchcraft

And now, the ads …

That Simpsons clip I used (because why not?) …

And the theme song to Unsolved Mysteries

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