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Pop Culture Affidavit Episode 35: Geekery III: THE DOMINATION

Episode 35 CoverPop Culture Affidavit, the podcast that covers everything random in the world of popular culture has finally arrived at Two True Freaks! To celebrate our big move and the podcast’s third anniversary, it’s time for the third annual Baltimore Comic-Con episode! I take a look at the 2014 convention and talk about creators I met, comics I had signed, and what a whirlwind day it was. AND be sure to check out the show notes for all sorts of exclusive pictures!

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And now, here are the exclusive convention extras, which means pictures!  Pictures!  Pictures!!!

And a quick warning.  These pictures are pretty large and very self-indulgent.  Enjoy!


Now, unlike this line, you won’t have to wait.  There’s plenty after the jump …