Savage Steve Holland

Pop Culture Affidavit, Episode 15 — One Savage Evening

Episode 15 CoverThis time out we have an extra-sized and extra-AWESOME episode of the podcast.  Joining me is my friend and fellow podcaster Michael Bailey (of Views From the Longbox and From Crisis to Crisis) and we spend THREE FULL HOURS discussing the films of Savage Steve Holland!

Who is Savage Steve Holland, you ask?

You may not necessarily recognize the name but any child of the Eighties will recognize the phrase “I want my two dollars!”  That’s right, Savage Steve directed Better Off Dead …, the 1985 John Cusack classic about breakups, French foreign exchange students, psychotic paperboys, and weird neighbors who sit at home crocheting and snorting nasal spray.

But that’s not all we talk about.  We also reminisce about Savage Steve’s other two films:  the 1986 beach romp One Crazy Summer, which also stars John Cusack as well as Demi Moore and Bobcat Goldthwait; and we talk about his least-known but most-underrated film, How I Got Into College.

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Also, here’s a few great extras.  First, the theatrical poster for Better Off Dead … (more…)