Pop Culture Affidavit Episode 4: A Soundtrack for the End of the World

Pop Culture Affidavit Episode 4 CoverHey everyone, it’s time for THE APOCALYPSE!!!  And while you’re sitting around wondering if a civilization that’s been dead for the better part of half of a millennium was right about the world ending, I thought I’d supply you with some music.

You can listen to the entire episode, which is basically one big playlist, here:

iTunes:  Pop Culture Affidavit

Direct Download 

Pop Culture Affidavit podcast page

Below is a list of songs with videos provided where available …

Intro music:  Great Big Sea, “End of the World” (Live)

1. MC5, “Kick Out the Jams”

2. Andrew W.K., “Ready to Die”

3. Billy Joel, “Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway)” (Live)

4. Nena, “99 Luftballons”

5. Buddy Holly, “That’ll Be The Day”

6. “Weird Al” Yankovic, “Christmas at Ground Zero”

7. The Bangles, “Hazy Shade of Winter”

8. Dropkick Murphys, “Amazing Grace”

9. The Libertines, “Time for Heroes”

10. John Lennon, “Nobody Told Me”

11. Warren Zevon, “Poor Poor Pitiful Me”

12. Barenaked Ladies, “Lovers in a Dangerous Time”

13. Guns n’ Roses, “You Ain’t the First”

14. Everclear, “Santa Monica”

15. Captain Tractor, “Empty Page”

16. James, “Destiny Calling”

17. Blood, Sweat & Tears, “And When I Die”

18. They Might Be Giants, “Dead”

19. Moxy Fruvous, “The Drinking Song”

Closing Credits/End tag music: Matchbox 20, “Let’s See How Far We’ve Come”

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