Pop Culture Affidavit Presents: 80 Years of DC Comics Episode 16 — War

80 Years Episode 16 Website LogoWith three episodes to go in the series, I’m joined by Luke Jaconetti from Earth Destruction Directive (among other podcasts) to talk about DC’s long history of war comics.  Over the course of our conversation, we take a look at a classic tale starring Sgt. Rock and Easy Company as well as the Creature Commandos and The War That Time Forgot in Weird War Tales #100.

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  1. Great episode, Tom & Luke! Really enjoyed this conversation. I have some exposure to war comics, but only in more recent years. To answer a couple points:

    1) Yes, Sgt Rock appeared in several BRAVE & THE BOLD issues written by Bob Haney. And they were VERY #Zany-Haney! They took place in modern day and Rock was an older still-active state-side military guy. Sometimes acting like a uniformed super-spy. And the crazy thing was Rock and Batman were buddies. Not just acquaintances, but actual buddies. One particular story not only had Rock in modern day, but included Jim Aparo and Bob Haney themselves in the comic. It was seriously insane! And my description above doesn’t do justice to the insanity at all. It’s actually crazier than it sounds.

    2) Rock did show up in the Post-Crisis universe during/after OUR WORLDS AT WAR. He ended up being one of the coordinators of the short-lived Keith Giffen Suicide Squad. It was a great series with a combined flavor of the Suicide Squad with the humor of his JLI run. The best part was in the final issue (#12), Rock disappeared and all that was left behind was a rubber mask proving it was never Rock at all. So the mystery of what happened to Rock after WWII was returned. Well played by Giffen!

    3) Yes, Dinosaur Island was featured in WHO’S WHO, but that was pre-CRISIS at that point. But there was a WAR THAT TIME FORGOT mini-series in the late 2000s/early 2010s. It was decent and felt like a CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS for war comics and warrior comics (soldiers, knights, vikings, etc).

    4) I laughed when you ran through the various types of war comics, and then mentioned WAR THAT TIME FORGOT was just bananas. Those are some of the first war comics I ever read! I LOVE that SHOWCASE edition! So much fun! And yes, they are nuts! Hilariously so!

    5) The other war SHOWCASE I have is Enemy Ace. Whoa. That is some seriously good comics! Great artwork by Kubert, moody storytelling, and high adventure. Love those stories!

    Again, great episode!

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