Pop Culture Affidavit Episode 68: Baseball Like It Oughta Be

1641713TH_ACRO17526022Thirty years ago, the New York Mets beat the Boston Red Sox in the 1986 World Series. For those of us who are die-hard Mets fans, it was an experience that we’ll never forget, and one that we have savored since then, as we patiently (and sometimes even painfully) wait for the Amazins to hoist the World Series trophy once more. Join me and my guest Paul Spataro as we look back on the 1986 season, NLCS, and World Series and share our memories of what it was like to be a kid (in my case) and be at some of the greatest games in Mets history (like Paul).

PLUS … stay through to the end of the show for an exciting announcement about a BRAND NEW PODCAST!!!

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And here are some extras for you …

Paul was gracious enough to share some of the pictures he has from the 1980s and visits to Shea Stadium as well as his 1986 experience.


A ticket from Game Six of the 1986 Series (image courtesy of Paul Spataro)


An MTA sign for the 7 train (image courtesy of Paul Spataro)


Paul in front of the Shea Stadium 1986 World Series outfield signs (image courtesy of Paul Spataro)


Paul making a call to the bullpen in the Mets dugout (image courtesy of Paul Spataro)


Paul and friends in right field (image courtesy of Paul Spataro)


Five years ago, I wrote several blog posts about the 1986 Mets and included pictures of my own memorabilia and other important images.  Here are links to those blog posts, if you’d like to read more.

Baseball Like It Oughta Be:  A quick look at the WOR-9 promo for the 1986 season.

Unlucky 13th:  You’re not supposed to open your championship season with a fielding error, yet that is what happened.  I look back at the beginning of the 1986 season.

An Amazin’ Era:  While not specifically about the 1986 season, this is about the 25th Anniversary commemorative video that was about the history of the team from 1962-1986 and was just as important to me as what was going on that year.

The Teamwork to Make a Dream Work: As they barreled toward the end of the 1986 season and got ready for the playoffs, the Mets cut a music video.  A look back at “Let’s Go Mets!”

Prelude to a Clinch (or Von Hayes, How I Hated Thee):  The Mets look to clinch the Eastern Division and can’t seem to catch a break against the Philadelphia Phillies.  And I witness it all in my neighbor’s house because they had Sportschannel.

Nails, Gary, and The Greatest Game Ever Played:  Looking back on the 1986 NLCS, especially games three, five, and six.

1986: A repost of an essay from my former blog, Inane Crap, where I remember what happened to me the day after the Mets won the 1986 World Series.

Bottom of the Inning: Taking Baseball Personally (Baseball, Part Two):  In my post about Ken Burns’ Baseball, I briefly mention what it was like to watch the documentary and the first time I heard about the 1986 World Series from the point of view of a Red Sox fan.

Mets Madness:  The aftermath of the series, the memorabilia that I own, and the lasting memories.

Merry Metsmas: A 1986 Mets Champions ornament leads to a post about the joy of putting up a Christmas tree

And finally, some videos …

The Mets clinch the NL East:

Another NL East Clinching Clip plus an episode of the always-classic Kiner’s Korner:

Lenny Dykstra’s homer in Game 3 of the NLCS:

Gary Carter’s Walk-Off hit in Game 5 of the NLCS:

Billy Joel sings the national anthem for Game 2 of the World Series:

The end of Game 6 of the 1986 World Series:

Jesse Orosco strikes out Marty Barrett to end the 1986 World Series:

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