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  1. Tom-

    Very much enjoyed this side project! Growing up in 1970s Philly I had Channel 48, which had an unbeatable line-up of cartoons/re-runs for a kid who wanted to stay indoors and draw: Lost in Space, The Monkees, Batman, Star Trek, Speed Racer, Super Friends, various Sid and Marty Kroft stuff, even Ultra Man! I don’t think I ever changed the channel in those days.

    Then when we moved to NJ, we still got the channel, and there’s where I first saw Abbott and Costello, the Universal horror movies, even some Hammer stuff. To that day, I can’t hear the word “Blondie” without following it in my mind with “starring Penny Singleton and Arthur Lake.” I think there were like forty of those movies.

    Then, a few years later, Channel 48 went off the air. Even as a teen that sort of baffled me, the idea of a channel going “off the air.” How does that even work? I still remember watching it until the very end, which had the station manager sitting on a stool, thanking everyone for watching, and then a fade to black. Still sorta makes me sad.

    Looking forward to the rest of this series!


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