Pop Culture Affidavit Episode 128: She’s the Man

It’s the second of a two-part crossover with Required Reading With Tom and Stella. Last week, part one was our discussion of William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. This time around, we’re looking at a movie that took The Bard’s comedy, updated it, and placed it squarely in the teen comedy genre: She’s the Man. Join me and Stella as we look at this classic Amanda Bynes flick!

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Here’s the trailer for the film …

Pop Culture Affidavit Presents: 80 Years of DC Comics Part 13 — Fantasy

80 Years Episode 13 Website LogoMy look at 80 Years of DC Comics continues with a review of the fantasy genre of comics, one that spans much of the company’s publishing history. I start off in the 1950s with a classic Kanigher-Kubert Viking Prince tale from Brave and the Bold #3 and then fast-foward to the 1980s for the 16-page Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld preview story “Duel in Dark Magic,” which appeared in Legion of Superheroes #296. Finally, I tackle one of Neil Gaiman’s classic Sandman comics, where he gets some help from Charles Vess on art and William Shakespeare himself in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” from Sandman #19. Plus … listener emails!

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