Pop Culture Affidavit Presents: 80 Years of DC Comics Episode 8 — Comedy

80 Years Episode 8 Website LogoEverything’s a laugh riot here for this episode of my DC Comics retrospective, as I take a look at books that put the funny in funny books! I start out by taking a very quick look at couple of the short comic strips in New Fun Comics #5, then Brett and I read a story from Sugar and Spike #3 before Michael Bailey joins me for an in-depth discussion of The Adventures of Jerry Lewis #86. Finally, I finish up with quick looks at Ambush Bug #4, Ambush Bug Nothing Special #1, and Bizarro #2.

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Pop Culture Affidavit, Episode 37: I’m Not Even Supposed to Be Here Today!

Episode 37 Cover-2With episode 37, I return to 1994: The Most Important Year of the Nineties with the only thing that I could possibly cover for episode 37: CLERKS! And to join me for this discussion of Kevin Smith’s classic debut is Trentus Magnus, the award-winning host of Trentus Magnus Punches Reality. We guarantee that it is so awesome, it will break you.

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