Origin Story Episode 27

Origin Story Episode 27 Website CoverKraven meets his end in the penultimate chapter of Kraven’s Last Hunt as I take a look at “Thunder” from The Amazing Spider-Man #294. Plus, I spend 15 minutes talking about ice cream.

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Oh, and as a bonus, here’s the Carvel commercial from the second half of the episode:


  1. Pretty hard to send you an email when there is no link, and no address is supplied on the show notes page… just sayin’…. I remember buying Kraven’s Last Hunt as it came out. It had been heavily promoted in Marvel Age and in Comic Shop News flier as another “across three titles” event… coming on the heels of the Death of Det. Jean DeWolf. I found it to be slow, ponderous and difficult to figure where it was going. I found the death in this issue shocking, but I figured it was going to be reversed as a double, clone or imaginary dream. But, I still don’t understand why people hail it as a terrific story-line. By the way, Kraven showed up at least five times in the first 100 Spidey stories. He debuts with the Chameleon in about #15, returns in #34 “The Thrill of the Hunt”, demands payment from Osborn in #47, and teams with the Vulture in #49… but I don’t recall another appearance until the KaZar/Zabu/Gog arc in about #103-105 and after that, who cared anymore…. until this return. He was definitely in Spidey’s rouge gallery…so much so that he appears in the Sinister Six Spider-man annual as well.

    1. Interesting to know and thanks for the info. Like I said, I didn’t know really anything about him until about 1987 when I read the storyline. I guess then this was allowed because by then Kraven hadn’t been around yet? I know that later into the 2000s, some writers over at DC would make a habit of plucking characters out of obscurity just to amp them up and then kill them off, but I guess this was unique for the time.

      Thanks for the heads up on the contact info, btw. I went and placed an email link into the “about me” portion of the sidebar and you can also find links to the Facebook and Twitter feeds there.

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