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9/11 and Popular Culture Part Two

It’s the second episode of a six-part miniseries that examines the books, movies, music, comics, and other popular culture that directly addresses or is about the attacks of September 11, 2001. In this episode, I look at comic books, starting with The Amazing Spider-Man volume 2 #36, Marvel’s A Moment of Silence, Kitchen Sink Press’ 9/11: Emergency Relief, Dark Horse’s 9/11: Artists Respond, DC’s 9/11 compilation, and Art Spiegelman’s In the Shadow of No Towers.

A quick content warning: Though these events are now 20 years in the past, they are still traumatizing to many, and I also discuss some of my personal feelings and views, so listener discretion is advised.

Finally, I will be including a feedback section in the sixth episode of the series, and would love to hear what you think, so leave comments on the Pop Culture Affidavit Facebook pagefollow me on Twitter, or email me at

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And for a look at when I covered two of these stories ten years ago, here’s a link to a “My Life as a Teen Titan” Post, This Too, Shall Pass.

Origin Story Episode 27

Origin Story Episode 27 Website CoverKraven meets his end in the penultimate chapter of Kraven’s Last Hunt as I take a look at “Thunder” from The Amazing Spider-Man #294. Plus, I spend 15 minutes talking about ice cream.

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Oh, and as a bonus, here’s the Carvel commercial from the second half of the episode:

Origin Story Episode 23

Origin Story Episode 23 Website LogoI go headlong into the Marvel mainstream as Kraven’s Last Hunt continues in The Amazing Spider-Man #293 and Frank Castle takes on a white supremacist militia in The Punisher #3. Plus, since my copy of the Punisher’s book is an actual physical comic book, I get to look at letters and ads! Oh the fun we have!

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Origin Story Episode 20

Origin Story Episode 20 Website CoverCharles and Diana … Luke and Laura … Peter Parker and Mary Jane … all couples whose weddings were the must-see events of the 1980s. This episode, I’ll be taking a look at that last one, as I look at both The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21 and Marvel Age #54. Plus, I’ll also be continuing my look at the “Joes in Captivity” storyline with G.I. Joe #63.

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And as a bonus, here are some scans from the inside of Marvel Age #54 that feature the wedding of Spider-Man and Mary Jane.

The cover article…

Marvel Age 540001Marvel Age 540002Marvel Age 540003Marvel Age 540004

Fred Hembeck’s cartoon about the couple’s married life …

Marvel Age 540005Marvel Age 540006

A look at Willi Smith and the design of Mary Jane Watson’s dress (complete with paper dolls!) …

Marvel Age 540007Marvel Age 540008

A look at the 1987 Marvel Saga annual …

Marvel Age 540009Marvel Age 540010

Peter Parker’s Bachelor Party …

Marvel Age 540011Marvel Age 540012Marvel Age 540013

The calendar from the inside back cover …

Marvel Age 540014

The back cover of the issue featuring the happy couple …

Marvel Age 540015