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Origin Story Episode 23

Origin Story Episode 23 Website LogoI go headlong into the Marvel mainstream as Kraven’s Last Hunt continues in The Amazing Spider-Man #293 and Frank Castle takes on a white supremacist militia in The Punisher #3. Plus, since my copy of the Punisher’s book is an actual physical comic book, I get to look at letters and ads! Oh the fun we have!

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Origin Story Episode 20

Origin Story Episode 20 Website CoverCharles and Diana … Luke and Laura … Peter Parker and Mary Jane … all couples whose weddings were the must-see events of the 1980s. This episode, I’ll be taking a look at that last one, as I look at both The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21 and Marvel Age #54. Plus, I’ll also be continuing my look at the “Joes in Captivity” storyline with G.I. Joe #63.

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And as a bonus, here are some scans from the inside of Marvel Age #54 that feature the wedding of Spider-Man and Mary Jane.

The cover article…

Marvel Age 540001Marvel Age 540002Marvel Age 540003Marvel Age 540004

Fred Hembeck’s cartoon about the couple’s married life …

Marvel Age 540005Marvel Age 540006

A look at Willi Smith and the design of Mary Jane Watson’s dress (complete with paper dolls!) …

Marvel Age 540007Marvel Age 540008

A look at the 1987 Marvel Saga annual …

Marvel Age 540009Marvel Age 540010

Peter Parker’s Bachelor Party …

Marvel Age 540011Marvel Age 540012Marvel Age 540013

The calendar from the inside back cover …

Marvel Age 540014

The back cover of the issue featuring the happy couple …

Marvel Age 540015